New Tracking Global Online Censorship Site Explains Content Moderation Practices and Impacts

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Content moderation has become a critical topic across the globe. Unfortunately, it can still be difficult for the average person to understand the processes that go into content moderation, much less how to appeal decisions that those platforms make to censor content or accounts. To help fill this gap, we’re launching a resource for the research and advocacy communities—as well as the public at large—to learn more about the policies and practices of commercial content moderation and the phenomenon of platform censorship. The new version of “Tracking Global Online Censorship” at, provides in-depth information about how and why social media platforms remove users’ posts, how users can appeal these take down decisions, and how the practice affects freedom of expression all over the world. 

The site provides our own original research and commentary, and also curates content from key allies, popular publications, and other vetted sources. It includes detailed information on content moderation practices from each company, updated explanations of appeals processes for users, details on the laws that govern content moderation, and additional resources from partners and experts. 

Tracking Global Online Censorship, originally launched in 2012, was created as a joint project between EFF andVisualizing Impactand collected user experiences with content takedowns. In 2014 the project was awarded the Knight News Challenge for strengthening free expression and innovation on the internet. Since that time, public awareness of wrongful content takedowns has increased. We’re excited to transition from our original mission to serve as an information hub with original content and research from our allies around the world. The updated project was generously funded with a grant from the Swedish Postcode Foundation. To see more, visit

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クラウド会計ソフトなどのスモールビジネス向けの事業を手がけているfreeeは、「Amazonビジネス」とfreee会計が購買明細APIで連携すると発表した。同社によるとこうした公式連携は日本では初めてであるという。API連携により正確で安定した同期が可能になるとしている。注文した商品単位での明細連携が可能になり、2023年に開始されるインボイス制度に備えた消費税率の設定も簡単に行えるとしている(freeeの報道発表資料、Impress Watch)。 一方で同社は楽天銀行とのAPI連携を2月24日17時頃をもって終了することになったとしている。終了は契約期間を満了したためだという。楽天カード・楽天Edy・楽天市場・楽天Pay(実店舗決済)の自動取り込み機能は継続して利用できるとしている(freeeの報道発表資料, Impress Watch)。 pongchang 曰く、インボイス制度は対応必要だけど、口座のお金の出入りはcsvファイルの出し入れでいいやって思えばそうなのか?

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