Harnessing the collective power of communities in 2020

2 days 12 hours ago

We want the collective power of communities within and beyond the APC network to be harnessed through existing and new relationships built around transformative actions and our shared visions. Check out our achievements in this area in 2020.

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Global Encryption Day statement

3 days 8 hours ago

On Global Encryption Day, APC joined with over 150 other organisations to call on governments and the private sector to reject efforts to undermine encryption and instead pursue policies that enhance, strengthen and promote use of strong encryption to protect people everywhere.


APC Annual Report 2020

4 days 10 hours ago

This publication tells a story of collective adaptation and resilience, closeness and collaboration, care and connections, of a growing community navigating change.  


Community Networks Manual

4 days 16 hours ago

This manual in Portuguese gathers information from concrete experiences of community networks in Brazil and Latin America to answer questions such as: What are community networks? What are the different kinds of community networks? How can you plan, implement, install and manage one yourself?


APC policy explainer: Artificial intelligence

4 days 19 hours ago

While AI is a hot topic nowadays, it is not a new area. These technologies, however, are still in their infancy, so there is still enormous potential to channel AI to address global challenges – but also much concern regarding the effects of AI on social justice and the enjoyment of human rights. 


What is encryption and why is it key to human rights?

6 days 4 hours ago

In the lead-up to the first ever annual Global Encryption Day this 21 October, APC's global policy advocacy coordinator, Verónica Ferrari, offers an overview of the different ways in which encryption plays a crucial role in ensuring the protection of a range of human rights.

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Encrypting your hard disk: A guide

1 week 2 days ago

As members of the Global Encryption Coalition, APC is joining the efforts around the first annual Global Encryption Day to take place on 21 October. This guide was developed by APC's Tech team as part of APC's engagement in the campaign.


The Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean is born

1 week 3 days ago

The Alliance for Encryption in Latin America and the Caribbean (AC-LAC) has been established as a platform for collective capacity and knowledge building, with cryptography as an essential tool for promoting and protecting security and respect for fundamental human rights in the region, such as freedom of expression and privacy.

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Joint civil society statement on cyber peace and human security

1 week 4 days ago

Technology-facilitated violence must be understood in light of its impact on lives and livelihoods. Human security is at the heart of cyber security and therefore demands human-centric and rights-based approaches to establishing a peaceful ICT environment.


Cross-regional joint statement on reprisals against human rights defenders

1 week 5 days ago

The United Kingdom will present a cross-regional joint statement on reprisals at the 76th UN General Assembly. It affirms the commitment to ensuring that all civil society organisations and human rights defenders can engage with the UN without fear of intimidation and reprisal.

1 hour 25 minutes ago
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